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Hazleton Chamber of Commerce

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Arts & Culture

When work is done and thoughts turn toward leisure activities, Greater Hazleton shines once again.

The area is home to several theater groups, dance troupes, historical sites, galleries, and a host of other artistic attractions and enjoyable events.

The people of Greater Hazleton recognize the value of preserving, studying, encouraging, and cultivating the cultural and artistic resources in our area.

With several popular theater groups, Greater Hazleton offers plenty of opportunities for aspiring actors of all ages. You don’t have to burn a tank of gas to enjoy everything from timeless Broadway classics to interactive murder mystery dinner theater.

Performance venues range from the traditional to the creative, which includes a former church in Hazleton and a converted factory in Nuremberg.

If your idea of art is more traditional – say paints, clay or pastels– there are many places to unleash your creative output.

The region is also home to a dozen or so professional dance troupes and schools where those interested can learn practically any form of dance. Studios hold annual recitals and often perform in various community events.

Coordinated by the Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, the annual Funfest celebration downtown features arts, crafts and home party vendors; food vendors and nonprofit organizations; a car show; special activities for kids and seniors; and entertainment. The giant parade always steals the show.

On the culture side, community resources such as libraries and religious institutions are good for the mind and the spirit, and these establishments have long been at the center of Greater Hazleton life.

Our religious edifices highlight the broad ethnic and cultural heritage of the people of Greater Hazleton. English, Welsh, Germans and Scots originally inhabited the communities that are Greater Hazleton. The coal mines lured an influx of Irish, Eastern Europeans, Italians and others; the melting pot of the late 20th century added Africans, Asians and Hispanics to the strong ethnic mix. This diversity contributes to the strong ethnic and religious identities that prevail throughout the region.

Greater Hazleton boasts strong communities of Catholics, Lutherans and Reform Presbyterians, but you will also find congregations zealously celebrating just about every faith imaginable, from Episcopal, Jewish, Apostolic, Assembly of God, Baptist, Congregational, Jehovah’s Witness, Methodist, Reformed Baptist, Spanish and Unitarian.